Istanbul, Friday, November 13, 2009

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Team Awards Individual Prizes
Team Awards Individual Prizes

Antalya, Sunday, November 8, 2009

German Sensation!..

The finals were concluded on Saturday, and the results were just like a continuation of the first two days of puzzling with minor changes. The newly-introduced concept of team playoff and final matches didn’t alter the original ranking of the teams and the podium looked like: 1) Germany, 2) USA, 3) Japan. The Czech Puzzle Team who had edged their brotherly neighbours from Slovakia 9212-9210 in the battle for the last playoff spot had a fair shot to reach the podium, but they lost 3-1 to Japan even though there was a 12-12 tie in the number of correctly solved puzzles. The next round was also an exciting match between USA and Japan, won 3-1 by USA. Germany swept USA 4-0 in the team finals, and were crowned World Puzzle Champions for the 3rd time in the last seven years. However, credit also goes to the consistent and successful USA Puzzle Team whose worst result had been third in Oulu, very close to the top. They are now 11-6-1 (gold, silver, bronze) in the 18 editions of the World Puzzle Championships.

The individual playoffs began with Zoltan Horvath of Hungary and Peter Hudak of Slovakia outsolving four others to reach the top 8. The second round produced the third and fourth finalists to join Ulrich Voigt of Germany and Turkey’s pride Mehmet Murat Sevim: namely Hideaki Jo of Japan and Peter Hudak. The individual final round was surely a thrilling and dramatic affair, which showed that Ulrich Voigt is the World’s best puzzler of 2009, able to defend his crown even after a stress-boosting replay of the round. The kangaroo of the day, Peter Hudak finished in second place edging out Mehmet Murat Sevim based on the tie breaking rules, since they had each solved four puzzles in the final. Hideaki Jo took fourth place. So, 1) Ulrich Voigt (GER), 2) Peter Hudak (SVK), 3) Mehmet Murat Sevim (TUR) was how the podium looked like.

With Zoltan Horvath 5th, Nikola Zivanovich 6th, Thomas Snyder 7th and Philip Weiss 8th, another notable result of the championship was that the top seven places were obtained by puzzlers from seven different countries for the first time in the 18-year history of the World Puzzle Championships. The longest top-of-the-table ‘string of competitors all from different countries’ were five (2000, 2008) and four (2007) until Antalya 2009. We believe that this is a healthy indicator that the puzzle sport fever is spreading around the world. We tried to put our brick in the wall, next to those from so many other dedicated people and nations, and we hope you will remember Antalya 2009 in a nice way.

So, as it’s time for good bye; we would like to salute all of you who have attended, followed, supported or somehow shown interest in the 18th World Puzzle Championship Antalya 2009; and as the phrase often used by the performers in the salute stage of Traditional Turkish Theater plays meaning ‘whatever possible fault-of-toung we may have committed, please forgive us…’ goes: ‘Her ne kadar sürçülisan ettiysek affola…’

Kamer Alyanakyan

on behalf of the WPC 2009 Organizing Committee.

Antalya, Saturday, November 7, 2009

It’s the final countdown…

The regular competition having come to a close, and the results of all 2 day posted a little after midnight, we are now in the process of receiving possible protests competitors may have, until 9 am. This is also the beginning time of the technical meeting for the finalists.

After thursday night’s packed 2009 Karala! Cup, there was a field of around 100 puzzlers competing for the Sudoku ve Ötesi Cup on friday night, a fun tournament consisting of classical sudoku puzzles. Two-time World Sudoku Champion Thomas Snyder of USA found his way to the finals easily this time, and won the trophy in style.

The first ever WPC team match playoffs will be conducted in 3 rounds, starting with

- the 4th team playing with the 3rd,

- the winner of the first round playing with the 2nd,

- and the winner of the second round challenging to replace the leader of the first 2 days to win the Team Event of the 18th WPC.

The individual finals will involve 12 competitors in 3 rounds, starting with

- 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, only the best two advancing,

- 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and the advancers of the first round, only the best two advancing,

- 1st, 2nd, and the advancers of the second round battling it out to become the 2009 World Puzzle Champion.

After all protests are evaluated, surely an exciting day awaits us. We congratulate all the finalists and we wish them great success.

Kamer Alyanakyan

on behalf of the WPC 2009 Organizing Committee

Antalya, Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 1:

Day 1 got off to a very dynamic start accompanied by the cheerful rustling sound of the cover sheets of Part 1 as they were being removed by our enthusiastic teams ready to rock and roll and swing and twist and bend and curve to form a hypothetical and harmless snake occupying the most number of cells on the given field. The leader after this part was Netherlands, who were soon replaced by Germany, and the day came to a close with Germany leading in both the team and individual (Ulrich Voigt) standings.

The German success of day 1 was not limited to the WPC; it was Michael Ley of the same team winning the Karala! Antalya Cup which was a fun tournament of classical paint-by-numbers puzzles.

We are delighted to have the presence of such a wonderful crowd of top-class puzzlers, and their enthusiasm is boosting our energy levels. Good bye until Day 2.

Kamer Alyanakyan

on behalf of the WPC 2009 Organizing Committee

Antalya, Thursday, November 5, 2009

And off we go…

All of our competitors arrived safely to Antalya. Following Sunday’s pre-WPC party in Istanbul and Tuesday’s opening announcement by Chairman of the WPF Board, Valter Kvalic, the 18th World Puzzle Championship has now officially started; but not without a thunder! Wednesday’s planned outdoor excursion to Aspendos Antique Theater had to be modified due to the extreme weather conditions which had also forced the Governor to announce a one-day vacation for all schools of Antalya on wednesday. However, the substitute trip to Antalya Museum and a short visit to the Castle of Antalya (Kaleici) was a pleasant experience for those who attended.

With the technical meeting over, we are now looking forward to the start of the ‘Welcome Part’ at 9:30 am to begin our three-day Puzzle Fiesta. We will have 97 official competitors from 27 different countries. While we wish all of our participants lots of success and a great time, we also invite puzzle fans from all over the world following this page to join us on Friday afternoon’s ‘Best OF OAPC’ Part which they may solve online (with a delay) as well.

Happy puzzling to you all,

Kamer Alyanakyan

on behalf of the WPC 2009 Organizing Committee

Istanbul, Tuesday, October 27, 2009

With less than a week to go before the 18th WPC, pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Here is a short update on the current state of affairs:

- the first few of our competitors have already made it safely to Antalya, some of them as early as last week,
- we currently have official competitors registered from 27 countries, including puzzlers from Greece, Israel and Luxembourg who will be competing at a WPC for the very first time and some juniors who will take their first steps into the WPC scene,
- some of the championship goodies such as gift items, bags have been flowing in to our offices in Istanbul,
- our instruction booklet was published on Monday, October the 26th at 20:00 GMT, the first question has already been asked, followed by the correction of the first discovered typographical error,
- participants will be able to continue to ask any questions they may have regarding the instructions until the official start of WPC 2009,
- those early birds who have chosen to hop to Antalya after experiencing an unpredictable autumn weekend in Istanbul will gather for the ‘pre-WPC Welcome Party’ on Sunday evening at 7 pm in Prokopi Restaurant of the Beyoglu district, even though weather may be a bit rough that day,
- weather forecasts for Antalya for the duration of the WPC predict temperatures similar to season averages with possible rain, but visitors are strongly advised to bring along their swimsuits.

All members of our organizing team and the staff at the Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel are eagerly preparing for Antalya’s appointment with the world’s finest puzzlers. We hope you will all have smooth trips to Antalya, followed by a puzzle fiesta to remember…

Kamer Alyanakyan
General Coordinator, WPC 2009

Istanbul, Friday, April 24, 2009.

Dear puzzle friends,

Welcome to the official website of the 2009 World Puzzle Championship.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am pleased to announce the dates and setting for the 2009 World Puzzle Championship; November 3-8, Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel, Antalya. We believe it will be a “very chic setting for world class puzzlers”. We will do our utmost to make sure that all of you who will join us in November leave with very pleasant memories. Here is the official information website of our hotel:

Hope to see you all next fall,

Kamer Alyanakyan
General Coordinator, WPC 2009

Hotel Delphin Diva

Hotel Delphin Diva